Thursday, April 08, 2010

Greetings from SPINE Charitable Trust

Hello Friends!

    Greetings from SPINE Charitable Trust!  SPINE (Service to People In Need Everywhere) is a registered charitable Trust. SPINE was established in the year 2007, by a group of Social work students. We believe that every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man, but we have disappointed God by allowing various acts that directly and indirectly destroy the wellbeing of children. Our intervention is the need of the hour. Yes, so is SPINE’s! We are reaching out to children working and living in Brick kiln Industries by providing them education which is their right! A treasure that will help them live and prosper like any of us. SPINE’s mission is the establishment of The Freedom School (Child labour school). The Freedom School will enrich the lives of many children who will regain their lost education and thereby finding Life.

          We are in need of funds to help these 60 children attain their education. From our hearts we request you to make your valuable contribution either in cash or kind! SPINE will be grateful to you and your family and assure the right use of your contribution. Achieving and realizing dreams is the goal of many individuals but few privileged  individuals realize their dreams as helping many other hopeless individuals to achieve their dreams. Yes, let’s take every opportunity to heal the world and make it a better place! Be the instrument of love!

The following are the needs presented by our children in the chamber:

Your browser may not support display of this image. à OUR NEEDS:

    * Your love and support.
    * A Life through education
    * A school!
    * New books and notebooks
    * Colourful and informative charts
    * Colour pencils, crayons, sketches…
    * Pencils, rubber, erasers, pens, chalks..
    * Slates and chalks
    * Floor mats
    * Duster
    * Play materials (toys, etc)
    * Plastic water drum (with tap)
    * Colouring books and crafts
    * Registers and books for our teachers
    * Funds for our everyday lunch and sundal (snack)!!
      (Requires 25,000 every month or can sponsor Rs.500 Per Day)*
    * Dustbin for the class
    * Funds for teacher training and workshops
    * Whitewashing materials either in cash or kind
    * Salary for our 3 teachers(Rs.1500 per staff)
    * First – Aid  kit
    * School bags
    * Fund for monthly programmes, medical camps and other events.

Your benefits:

    * Heavenly blessings
    * You are the reason for our smiles forever
    * A life like any other child and even better. Thank you Anna /Akka ;-) please visit us!

      FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT: 9884903339, 9884907775 and 9841444448.
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