Sunday, April 04, 2010

Review - Clash of titans

I bethink years ago, a acquaintance and I discussing how alarming a accommodate of Clash of the Titans would be. 10 years after this comes along. The accommodate deviates way too abundant from the original. I get the attack to accomplish a angle abandoned movie, but this accommodate is pointless. In the original, the accomplished adventure is for one acumen only: Love. Perseus is attempting to save Andromeda from the acrimony of the Gods. The accommodate makes it a adventure based alone on revenge. Perseus in the aboriginal was a young, aboveboard boy who discovers his close hero. The accommodate shows Perseus as a aggressive muscle-bound idiot who automatically has the affectionate of accomplishment the warriors he campaign with accept adherent their lives to attaining. in the original, Perseus had to acclimatized and accretion the assurance of Pegasus. Not here.... he aloof shows up. Convenient. Bubo, the aureate owl (as abominable as he was) is annihilation added than a afterimage gag in the remake. Calibos poses no blackmail here. He was such an basic allotment of the original. The accession of the appearance Io is aloof annoying. Her attendance is absolutely unnecessary. The Medusa training/seduction scene...ridiculous. The Medusa arena was calmly the best allotment of the original... actuality it is anti-climatic. The Kraken? Besides the animal actuality way too big, the accomplished cine hinges on what a blackmail this monster is. Yeah, it looks air-conditioned (I'll accord it that)... but for actuality such a aggressive monster, he abiding is accomplished easily. Perseus spends added time block a bleared harpy about than absolutely ambidextrous with the Kraken. Perseus's accord to Andromeda is annihilation added than casual, the 3-D and apathetic motion are absurd and there is no behemothic vulture. Sam Worthington should not be accustomed to assignment afresh until he can do so after his accent. The director, Louis Leterrier is aloof the amiss being for this job. Transporter 2...sure. This? No. Liam Neeson, Pete Postlethwait and Ralph Fiennes are absolutely slumming it on this one. I'm abiding no amount what is said, bodies are activity to band up for this one. I'm acquainted of how I complete here. But this cine absolutely is a let bottomward on every level. While they had the adventitious to accomplish a fun airheaded cine in the attitude of Jurassic Park, Iron Man or alike Star Trek (2009), they absolutely absent the mark here. The blur is awfully cast, acted and directed. A accurate decay of the title... but, hey... it abiding looks pretty, doesn't it?
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