Friday, April 23, 2010

Pass this to others

Please spread this to as many people as you can, help save lives of others.

People In Bangalore Shopping Malls and Crowded Streets (like: MG ROAD ,FORUM MALL,GARUDA MALL,JAYNAGAR,INDRANAGAR etc...) might approach you to buy a perfume if you refuse they may still insist you try the sample smell. The smell has a killing gas, which will eventually kill you . Reported by the Karnataka government and BANGALORE police 3 people have already died and 35 are still in hospital. Please pass this message around to everyone you know, or may know via e-mail. They spoke about it live yesterday. Beware: do not, I repeat, do not smell any perfumes from any random people outside, unless they are from authorized agents in proper perfume stores.
Not in Bangalore it may happen @ any place…..even @ ur place… So kindly be aware……
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eLQirani BizZ said...

huiyooo... definately it is toooo dangerouss!!
careful evryone!

elya said...

nice sharing, keep it up!

sam said...

thanks for valuable comment

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