Monday, April 12, 2010

My view on IPL-3

About IPL 3

The most expected League of the world IPL is about to finish the league stage. But this time 3rd Edition of this League is bringing a great joy, excitement and tension to the cricket fans than the other two Leagues.Still exactly 10 matches to go including today's match of Deccan Vs Royal Challengers only the one team Mumbai Indians led by the Little Master Sachin Tendulkar has qualified for the Semi-Finals and only one team Punjablead by Foreigner(SriLankan) was out of the only two teams has made their spot sure. Mumbai made sure they were into Semis and Punjab made sure they were out of Tournament

Other teams which are close to the spot are Delhi, Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals .Whereas Chennai ,Kolkata and Deccan are residing very next to them. Delhi, Rajasthan and Bangalore are having 12 points to their name whereas Chennai ,Kolkata and Deccan having 10 points to their names.So these are the teams which are going to make the cricket fans to joy with great cricketing shots, more aggression among players and enjoyable cricket for fans with little bit of tension for Cricket fans whose Home Team or Supportin team in these phase.
Lets see how interesting the game is by their points and their matches remaining.

Team         Matches      Points           Remaining Matches         To Win Matches

Bangalore       11              12                      3                                   2 out of 3

Delhi               11              12                      3                                   2 out of 3

Rajasthan       12              12                      2                                   2 out of 2

Chennai          11              10                      3                                   3 out of 3

Kolkata          11              10                      3                                   3 out of 3

Deccan           11              10                      3                                   3 out of 3

Here i am considering 16 points as qualifying in a safe zone. But its difficult for the remaining 3 teams to get this 16 points like Mumbai to Qualify into Semis. So 14 points with good Net Run Rate will be the another option for the teams to Qualify into Semis. But achieving that too is very difficult because all the Teams will fight for the spot. So its really going to be the Great Entertainment of One week for the Fans before Semi Final starting on April 21.

The teams like Rajasthan, Kolkata, Chennai and Deccan have to win all their matches. So its a DO OR DIE stage for them. Whereas Bangalore and Delhi have to win two out of three. So Punjab can do one thing towards the end of the league to make the League Interesting and spoil the Party of other Teams to Enter into Semis. So lets watch this great week of Cricket and lets see who will be Entering the Semis.

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